English Premier League Advertising for United States

Sway Sports sells pitch-side Advertising at English Premier League games to US brands

The Premier League has arrived on American soil. Sway is offering you unparalleled opportunity to advertise on the LED signage located directly next to the pitch at these events.

Why should American brands advertise on the English Premier League?

  • NBC have access to all 380 games in the US, meaning they can show the most exciting games with the biggest and best teams EVERY weekend.
  • A new Friday afternoon slot will target more US viewers than ever before.
  • Huge growth potential and viewerships. Games on NBC and NBCSN average 443,000 viewers. That’s 78 percent above the ESPN/Fox Soccer average for the same games last year! (249,000 average viewers)
  • The “Manchester Derby” between Manchester City and Manchester United ranks as NBCSN’s most-watched telecast since the Stanley Cup Final in June, with peak viewing of more than 1 million viewers!

A huge growth market of soccer fans, spanning ethnicities and above average incomes are accessible via pitch-side advertising. Get your brand as close to the action and excitement – at a fraction of the price it would cost to advertise nationally on US TV!

Need more information?

We’ve worked with a large number of US companies, helping these prospective clients understand whats required prior to committing their advertising budgets. To understand more of the benefits check out our detailed blog post here: 5 Reasons that US Advertisers can benefit from Pitch-side Advertising at EPL games

Keep in mind, Sway is a full service agency that will guide you through all the steps so that you can focus on your brand message and enjoy seeing your cost-effective national exposure when English Premier League games are shown.

All you need to do is identify the number of games you want to appear at and Sway will manage EVERYTHING else.

English Premier League Advertising for United States

The coverage we got at the English Premier League boosted our brand recognition in the US! Compared with the costs of sponsoring sports in the USA - we got the same exposure at a fraction of the cost!-- VP of Marketing, Domain Registration & Web Hosting Company

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