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A look back at the last years social media strategies from Ireland's top Premier Rightsholders

IRFU Social Media Report

  • A snapshot of the Current Following
  • Examine the Interactions held Direct with Followers
  • Community and Grassroots work
  • The Years Social Strategies in Review
  • 2015 and beyond!

FAI Social Media Report:

  • Figures regarding their current following
  • How the FAI include their sponsors in their digital strategies
  • How they interact with followers
  • Grassroots and community work
  • The FAI's year in review
  • Where they're heading in 2015

GAA Social Media Report:

  • A full round-up of their digital campaigns
  • Where the GAA stand in terms of followers
  • The successes they've had with sponsors
  • Ways they can add further value to their social campaigns in 2015
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