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A Changing Landscape

Sponsorship activation used to be straightforward.  Only relevant brands could align themselves with the event, getting the required  exposure within arena. Then the world got social and all of a sudden fans were sharing en masse – from opinions, rumours, all the way to fan generated content taken live from the event creating huge appetite for second screening from the couch.

An Opportunity to Engage

However, as experience grows its become clear that not only are digital and mobile channels here to stay – they also provide the most in-depth and detailed opportunity for both sponsors and commercial rights holders to engage, interact, understand and reward their fans … if the approach and strategy is well thought out.

And thats where Sway can help.

Our focus and dedication around social and engaging content tailored specifically to sports teams or associations will make a real difference to your fan engagement. Coupled with our emphasis on developing market leading digital sponsorship technologies such as Crowdsight, and you are in the most capable hands ensuring commercial rights holders can monetize while sponsors and fans interact.

Our Digital Expertise

Our Digital Services

Social Media Mgmt

Creating social media strategies that engage takes a continued focus and effort, ensuring that you engage effectively with fans in real-time. Sway has the expertise and resources to drive this effectively on your behalf.

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Content Marketing

Creating engaging content requires an understanding of content marketing strategies as well as the insights into what makes your fans tick. As a fan first, sports and digital obsessed agency, you have landed at the right spot!

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Looking for a mobile first opportunity to activate fans. Want this to resonate across fan generated content taken from the live event itself? Our cutting edge Crowdsight platform creates Rewards for fans and activation for Sponsors.

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