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"Foreign Advertising and the Premier League"

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"Social Media in Irish Sports "

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Sway was established in 2010 to minimise the complexity, increase transparency and maintain high levels of innovation as we work with companies to position their brands at the sporting events of their choice.

Any live event that needs sponsorship activation comes within our area of expertise – as our team have over 20 years combined in the advisory, management and sales of advertising at sports.

Corporate Sponsors

Looking to get your brand positioned at the highest profile sporting events? Check out our existing portfolio for a flavour of the properties we can place you. Not sure? No problem, contact us for a consultation to discuss the ideal event that captures your target demographic!



6 techniques for brands to maximise sponsorship value

Rights Holders

Managing your sponsorship sales effectively requires a huge amount of time and commitment. Sway takes the headache out of managing this effort. We work closely with international and regional sponsors that are looking to activate their brand effectively.



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Digital is changing the landscape of sponsorship as we know it. The need for measurement and context means mobile and digital channels will play an every increasing role in the effectiveness of both sports teams and sponsors engagement with fans. Check out our Digital section



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